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Teacher and Student

Services for teachers and school staff

Teacher Wellbeing: Services

Counselling or coaching for teachers and school staff

As a qualified teacher as well as a counsellor, education is close to my heart. The job carries very particular stresses - trying to maintain some kind of work/life balance, managing the complex dynamics of a class full of children who all have different life stories, working with vulnerable children (and the very real risk of vicarious traumatisation that this brings) as well as managing challenging behaviour... all whilst trying to meet keep up with your workload and meet performance management targets.

If you need someone to talk to who understands these very particular stresses, but who also understands that your story is very unique and personal to you, I might be able to help. Coaching might be useful if you have certain goals that you would like to work towards whereas counselling would be suitable if you just want a space to feel heard and to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Unlike counselling through Employee Assistance Programmes, this can be open-ended if you prefer, rather than a set amount of sessions, allowing for deeper work that is more tailored to your personal needs. 

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Book a free consultation

If you would like a free 20 minute online consultation, please send me an email at or click here to book a consultation at a time that suits you. 

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